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Drawing Workshop with Gabriele Schlipf:

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Youth Unemployment in Europe –
What does that have to do with me?

Opportunities for the young in the labour market


This was the topic of a development forum for young people aged 12 to 25, organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in June 2013.

The issue of youth unemployment is a great concern throughout Europe. During the event, different studies on the topic were presented and then processed in various workshops, all focused on the same topic but employing different media.

The young people could then pick one of the workshops offered to apply their ideas in, and find ways to articulate and present their personal interests on aspects of the overall theme.

In the drawing workshop, participants designed pictures of their personal concepts and concerns regarding youth unemployment, but also came up with practical suggestions and warnings to adults.

All participants could freely express their opinions, as long as they were nondiscriminatory and didn’t violate any laws.


At the end, all the individual images were joined together into one large sculpture, which was then presented to the participants of the other workshops (video, hip hop, theatre). It was like at every art exhibition – the artists themselves prefer to talk with pictures instead of words…