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What is Graphic Recording?

graphic_recording_innovations-WorkshopPhoto: Gabriele Heinzel

Graphic Recording serves as visual support of the spoken word
at any kind of event – conferences, workshops, brainstorming sessions, exhibitions, trade fairs or seminars. It can be used anywhere people get together to discuss, present ideas, develop strategies, plan marketing campaigns or present development benchmarks. Graphic Recording can be realized for all kinds of speeches (impulse, keynote, lectures, …) or discussion formats (fishbowl, podium, “World Café”, Open Space…).
The size of groups could range from three to at least 500 persons.

Graphic Recording is far more than pretty artwork. Large-scale representations collect, structure and communicate information. Problems as well as solutions become clear. The visual record leaves contradictions standing side by side and picks up trends as soon as they arise. All contributions are equally valid and simultaneously visible. With amazing effects: Graphic Recording helps to integrate participants and extends their attention span, making it welcoming for new ideas and simply good fun.

Graphic Recording also works well at internal events, for lectures, staff meetings or team-building activities. Naturally I respect the confidentiality of all information and will not publish any of the results.

Further development of Graphic Recordings into detailed charts or illustrations is just as important, and the design of handouts or slides is part of my offer. Apart from events, illustrative information vizualizations can be used for many other purposes, e.g. to create posters or web sites, or to depict “customer journeys” and design user experience tools for clients.