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Festival of Utopia

The second “Festival of Utopia” has been from July 3. +4. 2015 on the site of a former blast furnace of “Ilsfelder Hütte”

100 young Utopists were litterally incubating their ideas and visions due to the future of work, while  summer has been on its peak with 40 °C.
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Workshop Visual Thinking

FDU-WS-walls-endHow, where and when will your (great-)grandchildren work?
How will they define work? In which currency will they measure and pay the value of work? Money, time water or information? Will they live to work, or work to live/survive?

This workshop is all about the day after tomorrow, about creativity without  borders, utopias without limits.
We write and scribble by hand in an old-school manner. Artistic talent is not a must.

With the method of visual thinking and visual communication, we are going to  show each other the pictures from inside our brains.
We do sketchnotes, we comb through archetypes, learn how to visualize ideas in an understandable way, and at the end we are going to draw a big picture, all together, of your year 2118.