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VizThink-Meetup Berlin

Vizthink Meetups are a possibility to meet and interact with other visual thinkers. Every 2 month Wiebke Koch and Naho Iguchi offer this possibility in Berlin. Next time, there will be Warm Up – Exercises, lots of networking and fun … and I will do the so called expert-input.

No prior knowledge is needed. Just bring your favorite pens and, if you have one, your notebook and off we go.
Join us, I am looking forward to meeting you!

momik  My subject: Visual Grammar

Gabriele Schlipf - Vizthink Berlin #3 - Visual Grammar
Indeed it is be a little like learning a language. “If it is your mother tongue, you don’t really think about grammar and it is helpful to become conscious of it every now and then. And if you learn a language from scratch, it’s cool to learn words but without grammar it doesn’t work.” I know grammar sounds boring, but I promise, I prepared some  non-boring exercises.
So, there will be plenty of opportunity to participate, try out new things, practice and do networking.


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momik  Where and when
4. Juni 2014: 
19.00 –  21.30

Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance

Wilhelmstraße 67, 10117 Berlin-Mitte