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Graphic recording – like medicine for communication

Publication: The network “Der Kongress tanzt” (A dancing convention) published a book about inspiring and thrilling events, meetings or symposiums.

It is only available in German right now, if you are interested you´ll find it here: Springer Gabler Verlag  and there: Amazon, as hardcover version and e-book.


Finally there it is! Still smells like printing ink, not unwraped totally yet: My  first printed professional article … Hooray! :)


momik  The network, is a large variety of prospectives and competences, and so is the book. We are hosts, journalists, coaches, communication designers, me as a graphic recorder, and also a pastor is with us. We all do have several years of expert knowledge, working on or around conventions and we do have a vision: “Society needs places, where people could meet and go beyond talking, so let´s get active, and start “dancing”.”
For some more information and a first look inside the book >>


momik  Look inside, these are the  first two pages of my chapter.
I did it like a package insert for medicine. So it is about information and direction for use of graphic recording.
Hopefully the picture (second page) is mostly understandable without understanding the words ;)
…you also would find them by clicking “Look inside”

My article about Graphic Recording >>



momik  Downloads in German:
Inhaltsverzeichniss als PDF >>
Probeseiten als PDF >>
Pressetext, als PDF >>

Der Kongress tanzt. Begeisternde Veranstaltungen, Tagungen, Konferenzen. Ein Plädoyer und Praxisbuch, hg. von Michael Gleich. [Springer/Gabler 2014, 129 S., ISBN 978-3-658-04148-9, Hardcover: 34,99 Euro]